Nayo Watkins

45hamiltonAlexis, Spirit Daughter,

Child you didn’t even have to do anything for me to see myself in your wild hair, your open heart, your questioning spirit.  But you did, try to turn the world over with your art and your teaching and I had been waiting.  Please know that I kept myself alive for this, to witness a next generation of black women in Durham coming into their own.

When I saw you and Ebony and Zach with Nia I knew that you would live for this, make your bodies into houses for the spirit of transformation to come through, and I had almost given up on believing it would happen.  You didn’t have to do anything but be your wandering loving self for me to rest in the truth of what I already knew.  Nothing is destroyed.  That part of me that is life does not end.

I want you to treasure my work in the way you can.  By reading and embracing, by telling everyone.  You know how to make this vision irresistible, like Toni Cade said, you make it something sweet that everyone wants.

Stay close to my baby Hollis, remind him that I am alive. Celebrate those energetic grandbabies, but know that energy moves in infinite directions and my energy embraces and surrounds you.

Love always,

your Mama Nayo


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