Fannie Lou Hamer


And they didn’t want me to have any.   I need you to stay awake.  This life is not the only one, but you are here for a reason.  I feel you holding your chest, pressing down on your heart in fear and memory of how I was taken, how June was taken, how so many were taken, Lord.   And I say better, you hear me, better to eat our own bodies than to give our lives over to complacency and submission on their terms.  Better to become acrobats than to fit into the narrow box they have for us.  But even better baby, would be to live breathing deep and free and living yourself with a healing strength of faith and vision for all of us.  Even better to reach out for community so you have what you need to keep yourself whole.

You remember what I said about sick and tired and remember what we sacrificed and why.  Remember that we had you in mind and heart.  And you aren’t out in any field (except that homemade field of love June talks about) breaking your back all day, and don’t contort yourself into the shape of our pain.  Grow and dance into the beauty of  our dream for you and all of ours.

There is more love here than anything.

Eat it up while it’s hot.

Fannie Lou


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  1. Like the world, I’m open.

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