Claudia Jones

claudia_jonesOkay Alexis,

There are things I have been trying to tell you already. Maybe you misrecognize my voice. You should go ahead and finish Carole’s book about me, it’s been sitting on your table for some time now.

Anyway Alexis,

It matters what you make your life out of. As my own demonstrates, you never know when you will have to pick up and leave because of your principles or some other thing about you and you never know when your time in this body is over. Or maybe you do know and you can’t admit it. Either way, life is short and like everything else, must be approached with attention to economy. How you make and share and sustain your time matters, because it is the only thing you can do. That, and depend on the miracle of words to say what you cannot say when you will not be there to say it.

That is a faith. And while you cannot count it, you can measure it in practice. You can actively every day (even and especially Sunday) tie back your labor to your own heart and resist and refuse your alienation. You can and must use words to connect.

Information is the contested resource now, so you see monopolies going up everywhere. Now as ever it will take the majority of people remembering the power of their potential cooperation to shift this world into a place where someone can live, all the time.

And the booklist and the essay and the publishing is the way to do it. And every place (the laundromat) is the place for it. And continue to be both careful, innovative and experimental with the means of your production. Do not assume that safety is where they say it is. Do not privilege the private over access. Be rigorous in your definition of autonomy.

As you know, I am not familiar or content with inheritance. But do not forget what I have left you. (Not property)

Obviously yours,



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